Type Code
Kolkata STD Code 033
India Code  +91
Kolkata Dialing Code  9133

Track Mobile Number Kolkata

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Trace Mobile Number Kolkata

Trace Mobile Number Kolkata

How do I trace a phone number in Kolkata?

You can trace a phone number in Kolkata and all over India with special apps like Localize or Geofinder.

Phone Code for Kolkata

The Kolkata area code for phone calls from India is 033.

The telephone code is also called the STD code. Any call from a landline to Kolkata will have this code as a prefix.

STD Code of Kolkata

If you want to call a landline in Kolkata, you must use the code 033 Kolkata STD.

How do I call Kolkata from another country?

If you want to call a Kolkata number from another country you need to use the international code for India + the Kolkata area code (you don’t need to enter 0).

For example, if you want to call Kolkata from the US, Canada, UK, or Australia, you need to dial +91 (code for India), then 33 (phone code for Kolkata), followed by the 8-digit landline number.

How do I call Kolkata from India?

If you are in India, you can call the cell phone network by dialing 0 before the 10-digit mobile number. 033 is the STD code for Kolkata.

What is the phone code for India?

The country phone code for India is +91.

What is the phone code for Kolkata?

The telephone area code for Kolkata is 033.

033 STD Code what city?

The city with STD code “033” in Kolkata.

033 STD Code which state?

The city with the STD code “033” is the state of West Bengal.

City of Kolkata, India

Kolkata (formerly Calcutta) is a major city in India and the capital of the state of West Bengal. Kolkata was founded as a trading post of the East India Company and was the capital of India under British rule. Today Kolkata is known for its grandiose architecture, art galleries, and cultural festivals. The population of Kolkata is 4,486,679. If you receive a call from India, you can check the country code STD as it will be the next three digits after the international code +91. If the next two digits of the caller are 33, you will know that it is a call from a phone in Calcutta.

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